A Rieu Pinh festival with “people on high mountains

The roots of A Rieu Pinh festival are due to having to leave the old land, wandering Monkey Fun Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair Vintage Shirt  nomadic farming through the mountains, so the Pa Co people cannot afford to take care of their ancestors’ graves. my ancestors. Therefore, every ten, fifteen or twenty years, villages of Pa Co ethnic minorities hold the A Rieu Pinh Mormon Missionary Gift Pdayt Shirt  ceremony once in order to pay homage to their ancestors. shifting cultivation and gardening have been more or less relaxed.

The village patriarch of A Tuc village, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province Motocross Bike Vintage Dirtbike Racing Retro Dirt Bike T-Shirt  said: Unlike festivals such as Ta A Ra ceremony, which is a new house worshiping ceremony, or Ta A Bon ceremony, which is a new rice ceremony, a river ceremony The A Rieu Pinh festival has a larger organization and a large number of Motorcycle Shirts For Boys Motor Bike Shirt For Kids T-Shirt  participants. At A Rieu Pinh ceremony, all problems in daily life of each family, each family together will be solved to build a united great unity block in the village.

One week before entering the festival, all young men and men in the village are Life Is Better In The Smokies Great Smoky Mountains Bear 2020 Shirt mobilized to collect and bring the remains of the deceased to gather at the funeral home in the middle of the village. Then for

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three days and three nights, the village boys take turns beating the gong, beating the drums and dancing and singing around the clock, called ‘beating the drums – gong feeding the dead’. The attendees danced around the theater so that their remains passionately forgot the cold night of the forest. The traditional song that is always  Mamasaurus Shirt,Dinosaur Mom Shirt,Gifts for Mom, Don’t mess with mama,Mother’s Day Gift,Mama Shirt-Dinosaur Shirt,Baby Shower Gift new Shirt sung on this occasion is sung by the voices of dozens, hundreds of young, old and young, girls and boys: ‘Brothers of three regions. Together tighten connecting the bracelet.

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Good tradition in ancient times. A passionate and passionate solidarity. Happy festival to us. Great success forever together ‘. Singing until the third day, villagers and guests as well as visitors from all directions participated in the buffalo stabbing ceremony. According to the old custom, each clan in the village required a large buffalo to worship; now, following a new lifestyle, the organization of festivals has also changed, avoiding waste and cost. Accordingly, Official Yeet For Initiative 2020 Shirt the whole village gathered, only stabbed a buffalo, while families voluntarily and offered gifts depending on economic conditions.

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6925.jpg Practice of

beating gongs to prepare for A Rieu Pinh ceremony.

When the festival took place, relatives, paternal and maternal family members in the villages above were invited to attend. Families living in Laos are also invited to come back, from all over the world are also solemnly welcomed. Veteran Ho Van Mon in La Lay village, A Ngo commune, Da Krong district and many people in his village came to be a guest Ra Zoc (how to call guests to attend A Rieu Pinh ceremony of the Pa Co) happily for them I know, this year, they worked as guests of Ra Zoc in four different School Is Important But Dock Jumping Is Importanter Dog Vintage 2020 Shirt villages, including three villages in A Luoi district, Thua Thien-Hue province. Although the road is far, they are very happy with their stomachs. To any village, families in that village welcome them like family members. During the A Rieu Pinh festival, a very interesting and exciting game of getting fortune for Ra Zoc is also held. In the middle of the vacant lot, the village chief was tying a black chicken t

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o a pillar stating, When the Ra Zoc come, everyone scrambles to catch the chicken, if the people in any village can get that chicken, they will bring much fortune for themselves, their family and their families. Everyone wanted to catch the hanging chicken for themselves, so the pillar with the flower tassels cut from the bamboo just popped up and was sagged down by the pull of many people.

A cultural beauty shown most clearly in the A Rieu Pinh ceremony of the Pa Co ethnic people is the affection of two family members, according to the Pa Co language, Khoi Cu Za. Every A Rieu Pinh ceremony is held, the two family members are responsible for bringing the gifts to each other. With the Pa Co ethnic group, when getting married, even though they are far away from anywhere, but when they hear the news that they hold the A Rieu Pinh ceremony, they must also come back to enjoy with their families, relatives and relatives. At the same time, the village demonstrates the traditional ethic of drinking water, remembering the nation’s source, visiting relatives in the family and is an opportunity to report filial piety to ancestors and grandparents reminding descendants to always remember their roots.

Ms. Ho Thi Cuc, Vice Chairman of Da Krong district, Quang Tri province, said that with its humane values ​​in the community, A Rieu Pinh festival is always interested by local authorities and has measures to support. , creating conditions to preserve and promote the festival’s activities in the current Pa Co’s life.

This spring, many villages of the Pa Co jubilantly celebrate the A Rieu Pinh festival. The sound of gongs, Ta-lu, Abel, dances, folk songs such as mountains and forests, expressing the souls and feelings of the ‘people in the high mountains’ resound in every village. mixed with mountain air, forest flavor. Together with the other ethnic groups living here, the Pa Co are like a beautiful brocade, contributing to the spring painting on the Truong Son range.