A group of young mountain town friends act as nannies of hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs

With the love of animals and the Life Is Better In The Mountains With A Dog Shirt encounter with many abandoned dogs and cats, the 9x guy collaborated with some young people i’m a simple man Underwater hockey Shirt who shared the same idea in Dak Lak to establish an animal rescue group with these pitiful circumstances have a better life.
A group of young people in the mountain i’m a simple man team roping Shirt town as the nanny of hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats
Lead us to a house in a small alley in Tan Loi ward, Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province where the rescue and storage Hundreds of dogs and cats are abandoned, have been in I’m a simple man Superbike racing Shirt accidents or have been rescued from slaughterhouses brought in by rescue groups over the years. This place has been named “My puppy’s house” by the group. From 2017 up to now, “My puppy’s house” has rescued about 700 dogs and cats.

Starting from meeting abandoned dogs and cats.

The founder of the rescue group was Life Is Better In The Mountains With A Dog limited Shirt  Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phat (SN 1990, resident of Tu An ward, Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province). With the love of animals, especially in 2017, his pet dog was lost and he looked everywhere

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without seeing, and encountered many lost, abandoned or eared dogs and cats. The roadside accident caused him to be very sorry, so he was taken care of. From those times, he himself urged Phat to do something meaningful to bring abandoned animals, so he decided to coordinate with some young people with the idea of ​​forming a dynamic rescue team. abandoned objects.

“In the process of saving abandoned im a simple man Underwater hockey 2020 Shirt dogs and cats, most of them were seriously ill, some were in an accident, they were abandoned on the side of the road, or even dumped in landfills. Feeling pitiful that I picked it up to cure, however,

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lightly I can take care of it, others are so badly injured that they do not know how to treat these animals. Since then, I have connected with a number of people in the veterinary department, many of whom are students. They are very enthusiastic to treat each time we contact for treatment ”, Mr. Phat shared.

With people sharing the same idea to support abandoned animals, Phat’s team has established a clinic for dogs and cats. Many students in veterinary science at the University of the area have participated enthusiastically in the work of curing abandoned cats and dogs every time they bring them. In addition, the clinic also offers free medical examination and treatment for brought animals.

Another beautiful image here is that among the young people working with Mr. Phat to join hands i’m a simple man team roping limited Shirt to perform this meaningful work, there is Lieutenant Le Hung Duong (working at the Traffic Police Team, Buon Ma Thuot City Police, Dak Province. Lak).

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Lieutenant Duong said, outside of his time working as a professional administrative worker, he took the time to take care of and take care of cats and dogs. Seeing abandoned dogs and cats, there are even owners who sell their pets in slaughterhouses, so I feel very sorry. When entering the slaughterhouse, they saw pitiful dogs or cats preparing to be slaughtered, their eyes looking like they were calling for help. That is why Mr. Duong has tried many ways to rescue, even when he went to the rescue because he did not have money, he had to take some pledge to get money to buy dogs or cats.

“Whenever you receive information, you are ready to go anytime. Many times were eating rice, but it was I’m a simple man Superbike racing hot Shirt announced that dogs and cats were dropped, and the group also left to come to the rescue. Even late at night did not hesitate to take them back. It seems that I have watched the dogs and cats that the group has brought and nurtured as family members, will try to take care and nurture them as well as possible, ”said Lieutenant Duong Duong.

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Mr. Phat (wearing glasses) and Lieutenant Duong are caring wholeheartedly for the dogs.
Mr. Phat (wearing glasses) and Lieutenant Duong are caring wholeheartedly for the dogs.
Talking about memorable times when he went to the rescue, Mr. Phat also said that there was a time when he was on his way home from work to see people sharing pictures of a discarded cat, he immediately went to the provided location to find . When discovered, the young cat was in convulsions, and the ability to save life was very low. However, with his love for animals, he went to the veterinary clinic to hope for a cure. Although the cat was very serious through examination, it was saved by the active group, so she had not saved her life.

Or once he read information from a person sharing about a laboring mother dog that fell in the car while on the way to the slaughterhouse, Phat and a few friends immediately contributed money to go back. When they arrived at the slaughterhouse, the owner of the slaughterhouse did not agree, so everyone had to be convinced. At the time of redemption, it was known that the mother dog was pregnant with eight children, but during the transportation to the slaughterhouse, she lost three children to death, leaving only five. He was later adopted by another relief group and recently he had adopted one of them as a memory with many unforgettable emotions.

Talking about the difficulties in the process, Mr. Phat and the rescue team shared that many times they went to the slaughterhouse to redeem them.